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Transmed Turkey Enters E-Commerce Market and Launches LoveBrands Store

After the pandemic hit Turkey in 2020, many businesses were directly affected. Unlike any other crisis, the pandemic showed to last for a longer time, and it changed consumer’s behavior & shopping habits. Gradually, people shifted into Online shopping.

Driven by our purpose in Transmed, we strived to make our products available everywhere. We launched our E-Commerce project: our online platform, and our online store Lovebrands on, to make our brands that people love available anywhere all around Turkey.

Our products are now one click away, reaching our customers at the comfort of their homes.

We are early adopters of new ways of doing things and we recognize the differences in our various business models. Starting our E-commerce channel was a great challenge, especially for a company that has been doing B2B business for almost 20 years. We needed to adapt and arrange the entire infrastructure to comply with the new dynamics. This included direct delivery to the customer, after-sales service, marketing product activations to appear in the marketplace, store promotion, influencers etc.

All of that was able to come true in October 2020, with the great effort of Yiğit Orhun - E-Commerce Manager, and Engin Yamen - E-Commerce Executive, and with the support of Warehouse, Category, Accounting and Finance teams.